Broadcast Quality Equipment

In Studio Production

Live Event Venue

Broadcast Quality Equipment

In Studio Production

Live Event Venue

4k Quality Video

Immerse yourself in the realm of high-resolution podcasting with our advanced 4K video equipment in our studio. Our equipment ensures every detail is captured, transforming your video podcasts into compelling visual narratives.

RE20 Microphones

Our studio is fitted with a premium-grade microphone, capturing the most nuanced sounds with exceptional clarity. This sophisticated device delivers a balanced, detailed, and immersive audio experience, setting your podcasts apart in the realm of audio quality.

24 Channel Mixer

Our advanced audio mixer shines in its ability to precisely balance the voices of various podcast guests. With its unmatched control and refinement, it delivers a harmonious and clear audio experience where every contributor is given their distinct sonic presence.

On Site Production

No Tech Skills Required

With an in-studio producer managing all the technology, you can focus solely on your content

Custom Green Screen Graphics

Our custom green screen graphics offer a unique aesthetic edge to your podcast, enhancing your brand's visual identity and setting your content apart

Files Delivered After Sesssion

After each session, we provide you with the high-quality video and audio files, giving you complete freedom to utilize and distribute your content as you see fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide assistance with recording and editing podcasts?

Clients will work with an In Person Producer who will handle the Recording, Editing, Mixing, & Delivery of the Session.

Can you help with podcast branding, logo design, or artwork creation?

Yes, while creating Custom Green Screen Graphis speak with your Producer about Additional Design Offerings.

How can I schedule a tour of your podcasting studio?

Yes, Call Us at (210)263-3753 or E-Mail us below to Schedule a Time to see the Studio & Meet a Producer.

Can I rent the podcasting studio for a live event?

Yes, Southtown101 Bar & Grill can accomidate Private Events. Call 210-263-3753 and ask for details.

Are there any limitations on the number of hosts allowed in the studio?

Studio accomidates Four People.

What is your cancellation policy for studio bookings?

We ask for 24 Hours Notice on any Studio Booking Cancelations.

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